VMware App Volumes 2.13 Technical Overview

Improved AppStack Experience and Performance

App Volumes 2.13 introduces a new feature that enables concurrent computer- and user-assigned AppStacks. This feature has applicability in healthcare, education, and more. It can improve login times for end users, while adding flexibility for IT in AppStack deployment.

Enhanced Application and OS Support

AppStack Attachment Limit is another new feature, designed to help IT manage license compliance for applications delivered with AppStacks. Admins simply configure an attachment limit for a given AppStack, and App Volumes Manager prevents the attachment of an AppStack if the maximum number of concurrent assignments has already been reached.

For more information, and to see this feature in action, here is a demo video.

In addition to these new features, App Volumes 2.13 adds support for Windows Server 2016, for both the App Volumes Manager and the App Volumes Agent, and for SQL Server 2016 as an App Volumes database.

If you would like more detail on these and other enhancements, see the following technical overview video for App Volumes 2.13.

Author: John Wilkinson

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